Corporate Services

Client Needs Analysis – Submarket Analysis – Overall Market Analysis
Strategy --- Negotiation --- Execution

Quinlevan spends the time on the front end of the assignment to thoroughly understand each clients existing space situation and their space desires moving forward. We then match their unique space needs with the available spaces in the marketplace. We solicit Lease Proposals from their favorite buildings and allow these buildings to compete with each other for our tenant client. Our tenant clients will then decide to right size or expand and renew their lease or relocate to a new building. This process usually results in very competitive lease terms and conditions. In addition, our fee for service is typically paid by the building owner of the building our tenant client leases space in.

Deliverables/ Work Product

  • Lease Abstract
  • Space Programming
  • Comprehensive Submarket Report – Available Space
  • Request for Proposal
  • Counter Proposal
  • Financial Analysis
  • Lease Proposal Comparison

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